Health Benefits of Fennel

One of the herbs in Absinthe Aethers is fennel seed!

Fennel Seed

By drinking this tasty herb in your cuppa, you can help combat a variety of other ailments at the same time!

Fennel can help with:

Anemia: Funny enough, this little seed is packed with iron!

Indigestion: Some of the components release stimulants which kickstart your gastro-intestinal juices to flow faster.

Constipation: Like with indigestion, those stimulants go a long way.

Menstrual Disorders: It helps along menstruation by regulating the hormones in the body.

Diuretic: Helps remove harmful substances from the body through urination.

Like with most herbs, a little goes a long way, so why not enjoy the sweet taste in your Absinthe tea?


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