News for the New Year

Solstice Brews is air kicking its way into the new year! 

Three teas are in progress, three teas that will be ready once the convention season is upon us. 

Hobbit Hearthwarmer, Tardis Tea and Slayer’s Strength. 

Keep an eye out for these awesome new blends!



Next year, Solstice Brews is going to continue to do what we do best. Blend tea.

Part of that includes some exciting new lineups.

Grimoire Selects: Our line of witch’s teas, recipes for Sereni-Tea, Longetivi-Tea, the like.

Geeky Line: You guessed it, from Doctor Who to the Hobbit, we’re coming up with an array of awesome blends.

And new teas to add to our five mainstays are the Pagan Holiday Teas.


Don’t miss out!