Refreshing Rose


Rose petals spruce up any tea and this is no different. The delicate flavors are enhanced by a hint of vanilla which makes this a classy blend for afternoon tea.

Ingredients: Black tea, vanilla flavoring, rose petals

Steeping Times: 3-5 minutes


Camille, careful with her balance, crept into the study. Unlike most ladies who seemed to manage effortlessly, she still had difficulties with managing the voluminous masses of fabric to her skirt and bustle. If she spilled her tea though, it’d stain the cream fabric and Mother would have a fit. Settling into the seat, she set down her cup and tugged open the wooden drawer. Thank heavens, her book was still inside. Everyone from her parents to her nurse wanted her to focus on becoming a marriageable woman, but that involved dancing, socializing and needlework. None of that was her. She inhaled the sweet aroma of vanilla and rose. Really, all she wanted was to be left alone with a cup of tea and a good book.



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